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Sexy Strawberries
20 June 2007

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Crystal Munoz on All that matters...
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Priya Dubey Sah on Skeletons of nostalgia
Beautiful image. And beautiful words, too. It is always so easy to lose yourself in nostalgia, no?

Russ on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
I like a lot, creative. Nice shot.

Russ on All that matters...
Great shot and composition.

Katalog Stron on All that matters...
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Sarita on The begining
i am speachless... v.v.v.v.v nice pic

Abh/Calvy on All that matters...

Reflecteur on All that matters...
Very nice compo and very good framing!

Elodie on Attitude in Fur
great idea ! Beautiful.

andy on All that matters...
Amazing composition of colour and light

ashu on Forgotten fragrance from the Arabia
Huggsss...super.....I could visualize all that was being said such is the power of your words....truly loved reading ...

maria on All that matters...
nice touch..great aesthetics... :)

David on All that matters...
I really like the texture and color. The off-center composition works very well. Nice light, too.

rainboy on All that matters...
can' t describe the ways i love you, they're buried underneath years of pride, chance, humanity. I can't ...

rainboy on Warmth, in little whispers
This is so good... I keep comign back to see this picture :) hugs for this :)

rainboy on Warmth, in little whispers
sho sweet :)

Divya on Tranquility Trance
your work lights up my senses... thanks for putting up these pics

Calvy/Abhi on Warmth, in little whispers
Is Rain lady behind this? :) radiating warmth!

balconyblues on Warmth, in little whispers
succha cozy post ...just like winters..

Charles Dastodd on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
very festive!

Creative on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
Lovely !!! as always... :)

ashima on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
cheers to new begining and continued romance

ashima on The begining
God bless you both....lovely pic and great sentiment!!!!!!!

Ricky on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
oooo...I just had wine...lovely snapshot

Vikram on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
This looks so inviting ;D ... I want a glass too :D SAchhi mein mast click hai :)

Marleen on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
Wow, what a romantic composition.....:-) The colors work very well together!

Calvy/Abhi on Fortune cast in a glass of wine
So befitting that any romance cover would love to adorn it! celestial...:)

karen Bains on The begining
Isn't that exactly what a marriage day feels like? love it!

Ekta on The begining
....can't get better.

Vikram on The begining
awesome hai na :D

amrita on The begining

Anthony Thomason on The begining
Great concept.

Self-Indulgence on The begining
Lovely sentiment in color.

zahra on The begining
great,very nice.

niv on The Great Gol Guppa :D
hey totally agree with ur blog ... and specially the kolkata puchka part !!!!

vicky on Skeletons of nostalgia
beautiful pic... it deserves to be revived and be part of more beautiful memories.

aniruddha pathak on Skeletons of nostalgia
Thats a lovely shot. More than the shot description i would say.your site is very easy to navigate.

Chimti on Skeletons of nostalgia
the chair does remind me of something from the past, it is so very there, seeped in memory...and your words have ...

Akbar on Skeletons of nostalgia
wonderful shot dude... impressive

raingirl on Skeletons of nostalgia
beautiful, nostalgic shot. we all have such chairs / sofa / bed at homes, but none has ever paid a homage so beautiful ...

Roberta on Skeletons of nostalgia
Terrific image. It is made even better by your comments, but I loved the image before I read them.

Sof on Skeletons of nostalgia
J'aime beaucoup

Calvy on Skeletons of nostalgia
If only there ever would be a living chair...this would be it! The sheer magic of words and the archaic shot have ...

sonali on Skeletons of nostalgia
awesome ...absolutely awesome..the words and the picture......

vikram jeet singh parmar on Attitude in Fur
beautiful...and scary too...

Eleftheria on Span of dreams

Ajay on Attitude in Fur
Indeed, a cat with attitude. Especially the way he is posing.

Nishana Minhaz on Attitude in Fur
Wo! That's definitely some attitude!! :)

Calvy/Abhi on Attitude in Fur
Michael Corleone:) Mayur Vihar fame!

Creative on Attitude in Fur
Billu says " meooowwww !!! mujhe yeh camera de de" !! :P

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